Friday, December 22, 2006

Punta Arenas

Well nothing in life ever goes quite as planned. We missed a connection in Santiago so we spend a day there hanging out. Our cab driver Victor was a fantastic tour guide and took us around the city center and out to lunch. Santiago is a huge City and when viewed from the top of the central Castillo, it looks a lot like LA.

We sat in a little restaunt and had beers and civeche. Amie had some really nice soup but neither of us was really hungry but we felt like we had to eat since Victor took us there. The park in the middle of the city reminded me a lot of the park in Nice, France. Right in the middle of town was this large hil and all around it were parks and a trails. In fact, now that I think about it, it was a lot like the hill that Coit Tower is on in San Franicisco.

Finally, we made it to Punta Arenas at amout midnight (8 hours late) and the sun had just set. It is amazing to be so far south. The days are so long. Right now it is 5pm and it looks like noon.

When we arrived last night it was too late to do anything so we went right to bed. However the cab at first took us to a closed and run down building before we realized we were in the wrong place. After re-loading the cab we made a few blocks detour to the correct location.

Today we wondered around and visited the cemetary. Some of the crypts have been there for hundreds of years and were from familes of all sorts of backgrounds. Lots of slovic people here.

Today we learned that ski-ball is universal, arcade across the street from our hotel. Could world peace be far behind.


jesse said...

Nice. Sounds like a typical start to any vacation. Wish we could meet up with you guys down there...

Also, I'll check with my friends in Brazil to see if they're available to show you around a little once you get there. I'll be in touch.


Dan & Jen Bohl said...

Hey you world travels...

Sounds like your trip is going pretty well so far. And ski ball...who knew?

We are doing well, just getting all the last minute Chirstmas gifts and digging out of 30" of snow we got two days ago. We are guaranteed a white Christmas for a change! Addie is great and is fascinated by all the lights. She got to sit on Santa's lap last weekend and wasn't at all scared...she is a tough cookie already!

Wishing you guys a wonderful Christmas and I will look forward to hearing about all the other adventures to come!

Merry Christmas! - Da Bohls

Mike said...

Sounds like you got there Magellan!
Have a great time and Xmas!.
Mike & Mom & crew

Jeff said...

Hey guys, first time checking your blog. Hope you guys are having a blast. I'll check this offen, but Dave, if you update this like you do your website then I'll just wait until you guys return! Happy New Year in advance!