Thursday, March 12, 2015

Crested Butte - I Hardly Knew You

We have been meeting the dual Radical Sabbatical goals of skiing a lot and not becoming alcoholics. That second one is a toughie.

Our most recent ski escapade involved a trip to Crested Butte in central Colorado. Why Crested Butte, well - everywhere we went people told us we HAD to go there. OK, why not. 

Despite the fact that 2014/2015 has been one of the driest years in history in many states throughout the west, we got lucky......really lucky. It snowed about 3 feet just before and during the days we skied. We rented the most adorable place in downtown Crested Butte, the tiny Love Shack. It had everything you need and nothing you don't. I especially loved the 2-foot-tall sleeping loft. 

Our faithful travel companion!

Did I mention it snowed?
Downtown Crested Butte is freakin adorable with an assortment of bars and restaurants in old-timey, gold-mining era buildings, which I love. I could almost live there if it weren't so damn far from a major airport or another town...... The place needs a decent brewery though. Hmmmmm, business idea?

I mentioned the snow, right?

After Crested Butte, we took a short (mother effing 13-hour) drive to Scottsdale, Arizona for Giants spring training. Because again - why not, what the heck else do we have to do? So we drove through the San Juan Mountains, past Telluride (it was so hard not to stop there to ski but we had no time), and met JP, JS, and AC in Arizona. The San Juans are insanely beautiful, photos cannot capture it. We will be back!

It was good to see friends and check out the Giant's games, but AZ is a weird place - I can't quite put my finger on it. We had perfect weather, it isn't too expensive there, we fit in with all the older retired folks doing their morning power-walks; but still it is an odd place. It reminds me of Vegas. The town feels fake and fragile, especially with all the irrigated grass everywhere. Seriously folks, aren't we in a drought?

Beers and peeps

Gorgeous day, baseball is meant to be watched while sitting in the grass
We are in Pagosa Springs, Colorado today. Next week we are going back to Vail. I am not sure if you all are paying attention to the weather, but it sadly appears that winter wants to be over. Our upcoming week in Vail will likely be spent on the groomers in spring-like conditions. We'll make the best of to and look forward to Part II of Radical Sabbatical, which will include loads of camping!

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