Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Emerald Isle Classic - Suck it Navy

That's right people. Guess what my amazing brother-in-law got us.

Yes, four tickets to the Emerald Isle Classic. Notre Dame versus Navy in Dublin, Ireland. Awesomeness.

For those that aren't Irish (or maybe are Irish but didn't grow up in the Midwest), Notre Dame is sort of like a much cleaner and well-educated Ireland for us. It is a weird thing, I just grew up with an understanding that I was Irish and that meant you celebrated on St Patrick's Day and thought Notre Dame was the shit. It doesn't hurt that my grandfather, Gerald Riordan, was the Notre Dame Man of the Year in 1985 and my aunt is a graduate.

A pilgrimage to a football game is like going to Mecca, or Dublin. While half the folks at the football game couldn't find Ireland on a map, they are certainly proud of their Irish heritage. I went to a Notre Dame versus University of Utah football game recently where the tailgaters were proudly waving their Irish family crest flags, eating German or Polish sausage (as all Irish do), and drinking beer (as all Irish do). I felt proud to be American, or Irish, or whatever. It was fun. And after the game everyone went to mass, and that was not fun.

So we are headed to the big game on Saturday in Dublin. I'll post photos and make you all feel bad that you aren't there.

Then we are off to watch friends at the Galway Triathlon. Should be quite a weekend. Peace out!

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