Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Done with the Parental Visits - A Fine Finish in Nice, France

So Dave's Dad and Linda (I am not allowed to call her Dave's stepmother because Dave says that is weird) were here in August, my parents were here in September, and then Dave's Momma came for a week - and just left yesterday. Woosh. That is a lot of visiting and entertaining and planning.

While Mom was here, we did all the usual "guests in town" crap like see shows, eat dinners out, a attend a GEORGE MICHAEL ORCHESTRAL CONCERT - awesome. However, I need to sleep for like 3 days straight now.

Who doesn't love George Michael......

Mom's visit finished with a long weekend in Nice, France. That place rules. There are a million things to do down there, the food is good, the weather is POYFECT for a heat-seeker like me. 

The town reminds me of Santa Barbara a bit, so I feel right at home. I spent a whole week here in Nice by myself this spring. Nice is also nice because I get to practice my crappy French and see how my language classes are paying off. I'll give myself a B-, I have lots more to learn (as a point of reference, I am giving my German skills a D......).

By the way, we stayed at the Hotel Solara for about 80€ a night for a balcony room! I totally recommend this place.

Euro douchebag.

As an aside, why do Americans seem to find a way to suck the joy out of everything in life. Wandering the farmers market (which they hold almost everyday) is an existential experience. Buying from small, local producers makes you feel a part of something really amazing. Going into Safeway (which I try never to do) makes me want to die. Seriously, I have to give myself a peep talk before I get out of the car and go pick through the chemically ripened tomatoes and tasteless, over-sized strawberries - shudder - just to find the damn toothpaste and whatever processed food Dave wanted, generally Oscar Mayer bologna and American cheese. Descending from the soapbox now.

Tomato season at the market. I'm not going home.

Also grape season, there were like 12 different varieties for sale.
At the Roman ruins in Nice. I went last time I was here too.

Warm enough to swim for sure. I'm staying.

I'll spare you the descriptions of our meals, but they were all good. I think you have to really *try* to have a bad meal down here.

Family dinner, and Mom's first oyster.

The flying monkeys are home for a few weeks before ramping back up for Turkey, the Netherlands, then SKI SEASON. Thank god, I need a nap.......


FinnyKnits said...

Thought of you guys while I was in SB last weekend - you'd have loved it. Warm weather, sunshine, Freebirds, fine dining. Though, not as nice as Nice, I'm sure.

Also, I'm buying Dave some different colored polo shirts so it doesn't just look like you Photoshop him into all these blog posts.

Andy V said...

Netherlands, then snow. Awesome.

Minnie said...

Fabulous, isn't it? Glad you enjoyed yourself in Nissa la Bella.
And,yes, you can swim all year round: a hardy few do just that, including one of my lovely French friends. Me, I swam only between April and mid-October ...
Ah, happy days!
Bon courage for the Marathon.