Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Running Update

Well I am running again!

The plantar fasciitis in my right food has been behaving and, as long as I baby it, the metatarsalgia in my left foot is finally getting better. No pushing it for me though, I know I will pay. And it isn't as if I can take "time off" my feet here if something does flare up, which is probably why these injuries have lingered for so freaking long.

After all, I live in London and have no car. It is a long walk and lots of stairs to get pretty much anywhere I want or need to go. I bet that without even trying, I walk 5 miles per day. And I haven't worn heels (except for twice) since I moved here...... 
I have been running about 3 days per week, and between 5 and 9 miles per run. I got a new pair of very neutral Mizuno Rider running shoes (as opposed to my previous super-supportive Asics GT 2170s). I have weaned myself off my arch supports and supportive shoes, because I believe they do more harm than good for me personally based on my size and gait.

While I am not a barefoot running advocate, I do think there is a lot of BS marketing out there for the purposes of selling you $150 of relatively worthless shoes every 300 miles (for the record, I also think that 300 mile guideline is a giant load of crap too - but we love buying crap in the US, after all).

I like this article about running shoes (though you can pretty much think that you are in fact, a chicken and find some article online agreeing with your chicken-as-self premise). This is from that article:

Your basic running shoe design, " based on a cushioning/pronation paradigm that simply is not as true as they want us to believe. That paradigm needs to be reevaluated. It’s not founded on good science but rather initial ideas that made sense with no science behind them, but upon further review may not stand up to testing."

Anyways, I figured this all out during my Trigger Point Dry Needling sessions (man I love that shit). My calf and foot prefer not to be controlled. And if you have any tight muscles that just won't work properly, give Trigger Point Dry Needling a try.

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