Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What's Up In Whitstable......Not a Whole Lot

We'll file this trip under "well, why the hell not". We took a 2-hour train ride from London to Whitstable to spend a weekend in a kitschy seaside town. Whitstable is located on the east coast of Britain on the North Sea, not too far from the mouth of the Thames.

I know what you are thinking, why would anyone go to the British seaside in November? Truth is, we have trips to Amsterdam, Istanbul, then the US coming up in the next few weeks. Neither of us could face an airport right now. Did I really just say that, I am so freaking SPOILED......

So here is what happens in British coastal towns pretty much year round: take the train in from London with throngs of people, you rent an overpriced shack on the beach (generally try to bring at least five family members you don't really like), you wear woolens and wellies to look the part, you eat seafood, you try to imagine it is not miserable, cold, and drizzly.

Our overpriced fishing shack, at least it was 10 feet from the water.

The little bar outside our shack, it might be nice if there was EVER a warm day.

Since it rained on Saturday, we had to find indoor activities so I didn't freeze. It was league day at the bowling alley so that was out, oddly there were two bowling alleys in this little town. So we walked in the rain, went to assorted pubs, and ate seafood. Oh AND we found the arcade and occupied ourselves the children's penny gambling games.

That is my own personal hell, choppy sailing in cold weather. Why.......

Fun times, look at those a-holes in their wellies checking out the tide pools.

Lunch was 25GBP, plus I sat 2 inches from the fireplace.

Of course, there are reasons why people come to Whitstable. They have the cutest little downtown ever with the most lovely non-chain shops. Why people go on vacation and shop at the Gap, I will never understand.......

We did get some sun on Sunday and cruzed the beach, checked out the Whitstable Castle (really lame), and ate more seafood. Can I just recommend Wheelers Oyster Bar to anyone that goes to Whitstable. It was the highlight of our trip. I'd take the train out just to eat there again.

Puppets freak me out, I don't know why.
I look cold, because I was cold.

Dave in his happy place at Wheelers Oyster Bar.

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fred said...

Good to see Dave in his holiday shirt in the last pic -- I was starting to worry that he'd gotten more clothes.