Thursday, January 24, 2013

Running/Fundraising Update - Bonus Gross Blister Photo

My favorite spot in Hyde Park - the Italian Gardens, a gift from Albert to Victoria 150 years ago.

Mother effing snow! A lot of it. That's what we got in London last week. It made for some gorgeous glowy evenings, but not so good for running. Also, London just freaks out and all methods of transportation go haywire at the hint of flurries. We actually ended up getting 3 inches maybe - and they were calling Snowmageddon 2013.

Chicago or NYC laugh at 10 inches of snow, London falls apart with a dusting. To be fair, the city doesn't own sophisticated snowplows or anything. A whole lot of snow is still rare. But really people, get a grip.

So I had to run like 12 miles on Monday and there was nowhere to run that wasn't snow covered and slippery. Since running even a mile on the treadmill is the equivalent of my own personal 7th Level of Hell, I ran outside.

All was OK, except I was slow and had to adjust my stride on the snow. Then my foot got wet and I was wearing relatively thick socks. And by mile 10, I could feel the giant blister forming under my big toe and forefoot.

I just kept running because I am so smart. Now I am paying for it, though (having popped the blister, EW) each day it is getting better. I have to run long again on Monday WHILE IN PARIS, I should be OK by then.

Fundraising Update
Thanks to all my beautiful friends and family! We have raised £1132 - and that's a lot of dollars in case you haven't been watching exchange rates.

Only £1368 to go - so I still need your help! If you are feeling generous, or even if you aren't, you can give easily by going to:

It's more fun than online shopping and just as easy!

More to come from PARIS. I am off on the Eurostar tomorrow morning. We are meeting J.P. over there for some general goofing around.

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FinnyKnits said...

Oh sister friend - boo on the blister.


Safe travels to Paris and no more blisters for you. NO MORE I SAY.