Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Low Point

Break out your World's Smallest Violin for me.
I am sick AGAIN. I have never been so sick in my life as I have been living in London. I feel like a 2-year-old kid. I have had severe stomach flu (not that 24-hour shit, like 7-day shit) at least 4 times in the last 18 months. I have also had countless colds/bronchitis/flus. I am not kidding. I just got over a heinous stomach flu last Monday and managed to pick up a cold this Monday. WTF. I blame the Tube, the cold, and all these effing people everywhere. My immune system went soft living in the Bay Area for sure.

It is ass cold out. I will NEVER live in a cold climate again. NEVER. EVER. Period. EVER. OK small caveat, I would live in a ski town if I could ski everyday - but that's it. Your quality of life in the cold is ridiculously awful if you are an outdoorsy person who lives to bike, hike, swim, and run outdoors (like me). I also have a serious problem in that I am not naturally warm-blooded. I would kill to have that thyroid problem where you are hot all the time. Bring on the hot flashes, I'll take menopause now - please.

I am reminded of my friend JB (not because of the thyroid or menopause thing). She grew up in San Diego, moved to deathly cold Massachusetts for a few years, then ended up in balmy Charleston, and finally moved to eastern San Diego County where she lives happily surrounded by glorious avocado and orange trees. Anyway, a few years ago, she GAVE me her and her hubby's cross-country skis and boots. No - I must pay you, I begged. She then looked me in the eye and emphatically said, "I will NEVER live in the cold again. I never want to be cold. Take them."

Now I understand what she meant. Cold sucks, unless you are in the mountains. And let me tell you, those skis get put to great use in Tahoe.

I haven't seen the sun for weeks. This goes with the cold. But at least if it was sunny, I could have that comfort.......but it isn' I don't. And I want to cry.

I will have to remember how lucky I am, this dark cold February:

  • I was in Paris last weekend.
  • I am going to Barcelona this weekend.
  •  I am going skiing in Switzerland in March. 
  • My skin is actually getting younger since I am never in the effing sun.
But I cannot wait to be warm, and not be sick, and go biking, and bake my skin in the sun in the Bay Area again. June will be here before I know it. xo

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Anonymous said...

Dude. So with you. I felt the same way in Vancouver. The sun shone 3 months a year. Everyone was a miserable c-word and we were always sick. The only time I was happy in Vancouver was when I finally convinced Jake to move. Just cling to the knowledge that warmer places are in your future and you'll be there soon.