Sunday, February 24, 2013

London Marathon Training Update - 17 Miles, Done!

Well things are going quite well with my London Marathon training. Almost £1300 has been raised for the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (thanks everyone for donating). I am slacking a bit in my training, but that is my M.O. (come on, I had a nasty stomach flu THEN a cold). Also, I am exceptionally lazy. However, I only have 2 months to go so this is really time to push the mileage up.

Today was a major milestone, 17 miles! It was my longest run since my last marathon a few years ago. I ran wayyyy out in northwest London with the Gade Valley Harriers. They organize a series of  three training runs for the London Marathon, which I HIGHLY recommend. The races cost £5 to enter and include marshals, cheering, water, gummy bears, and post-race juice, tea,coffee, and cake. Talk about getting bang for your buck, er pound!

So here is a summary of the run:

Miles 1-4: Can't feel my hands, wish I had another layer on, the course is a bit slippery from the light snow falling - but I am feeling strong and continually pass people the first few miles.

Mikes 4-8: Yay, I have hands again. And holy crap where did all these hills come from? Feeling a bit tired around mile 8 but must push through! If I slow down I will get cold, and if I stop I'll freeze to death.

Miles 8-12: WTF A CASTLE, am I the only one that thinks that is super cool (apparently yes, it is Ashridge Castle for anyone that wants to know).

Miles 12-17: Cold hands again, if I run faster it will get better. Gummy bears handed out at mile 15 save my ass, never underestimate how 100 calories of pure sugar can boost your mood and speed. At mile 16 I catch a train of 8 women speeding by, I duck in with them and finish very strong and very happy

The next Gade Valley Harriers London Marathon training run is 20 miles on Sunday, March 24th. I will be there.......

We are skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland the first week of March, so my running will be lighter this week. I need to be recovered and rested to keep up with Dave on the slopes because he will ditch my ass.


Jackee said...

This makes me miss my runs :(. You make me giggle. Love it. On a positive note I finally have my NHS appointment to look over my knees! It only took 2 months and a little white lie ;).

FinnyKnits said...

Well done, sister. That's pretty bad ass. And I do believe that gummy bears should be a part of every race. Go you!