Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Things I'll Miss About London

With just about 2 months to go until we move back home to Palo Alto, I am starting to feel a bit melancholy about it all. We have had one hell of trip these last 2 years, and it is sad to think it is almost over. Though, the weather lately here in London is making our upcoming departure a little easier to digest - mother effer can it please break 40 degrees at some point in the next month. PLEASE.

Here are a few things I realized I am going to miss, some big and some small:

British Eggs
Yes eggs. Unless you get pastured farm eggs, you have no idea what I am talking about. The eggs here are divine, with bright orange yolks (none of that yellow crap) and a rich, fatty flavor that I effing love. Two soft cooked eggs in Ramen noodles is the most divine dinner when your eggs are so good. And don't even get me started on all the omegas and vitamins in these things...... 

Oh the horrors of pasteurization! They make some damn good cheeses here. And thanks to less corporate-favoring, and more small farm friendly food regulations; there are a ton of tiny producers here making heavenly cheese. And don't forget the imported fromage - France is only a few miles away, after all! Remember people - cheddar is not orange! 

Determining where to go for dinner each night involves consulting my extensive restaurant list, consisting of word-or-mouth and Time Out recommendations. You can get just about any type of food in the world within a 15-minute Tube ride of our flat (except Mexican, don't get me started on the state of Mexican food in London). And we eat out A LOT given our dorm-sized fridge and the fact that I work from home......gotta get out gotta get out gotta get out. 

The Tube
I could never have a car again and be perfectly happy. Taking the Tube is cheap convenient, good for your health (aside from the GERMS), and fun. Taking the Tube also means you and your friends can meet for cocktails after work, drink all you want, and no one has to drive home. I may be a serious alcoholic by the time I leave, but I won't have a DUI or will I have nailed pedestrians with a heavy vehicle while drunk. 

Goes without saying. It's sometimes the people you meet that make places so memorable. That is true here for sure, because it sure-as-fuck is not the weather that makes this place special.

I love the non-High Street tiny designers, art galleries, and boutiques in London. The barrier to entry for a small business (be it a cafe or a clothing designer) seems much lower in London, compared to the US especially. Those tiny unique sops are what make London so fun to wander around. You never know what you are going to find.

So while I find myself HATING the cold and missing the Nor Cal sun, mountains, the smell of eucalyptus trees, sweating, good wine at bars, and Sammy; I know I will be there soon!

So you will catch me eating eggs and cheese with friends on the Tube on the way to go shopping. Or something......

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