Saturday, March 30, 2013

F- This Weather, I'm Out

In the name of all things that are holy (it is Easter after all), I need some sun. The temperature has not broken about 43 degrees since, oh last July. We have not had a proper sunny day since, oh last April.

For gods sake people, it snowed today.

I may cry while writing this because I am a giant, whining baby........And I am cold.

In other news, Dave going to Vegas next week for a "conference". He invited me actually. He has his own room for 5 nights at the Venetian, it will be 85 degrees and sunny, and a bunch of our friends will be there - cool right?

Not really. I can handle Vegas for a weekend, and generally by Sunday I am wondering whether we can get an earlier flight home to get the hell out of that place. Plus there is the whole expensive ticket from London, jet lag, lack of good running routes, etc.

After all, I am in EUROPE! I can go to Vegas anytime when I am back in the U.S. So I declined Dave's offer and booked a trip to Biarritz, France and San Sebastian, Spain for a week instead. I was hoping to lay low, run, surf, eat well, be a tourist - sounds nice right? Yeah well the weather in all of Europe has been really unseasonably cold this year. It will only be about 55 degrees and rainy next week during my trip to France and Spain. Noooooooooooooo.

Did you all break out your World's Smallest Violin for me? I certainly hope so.

Anyway, I am leaving tomorrow morning for Biarritz. I am taking the train the whole way because I don't think I can deal with a crowded airport on a holiday weekend. On Wednesday, I'll take the bus from Biarritz to San Sebastian and I plan to stay untill Saturday. I'll let you know how it goes. I still hope to surf (though I will be wearing an exceptionally think wetsuit).

Pray for sun!

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