Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What the Hell Is Up

So what have the monkeys been doing all week since the move from London. Well, I'll tell you - mostly in pictures because I am feeling uninspired and very lazy.

Stonehenge: OK that was before we left the UK technically, but we had to go see it.

That blue shy is deceiving. It rained almost the whole time we were there.

Promenade de Plantee/Viaduc des Arts: So we mad it to Paris and the next day we wandered over to the Marche d'Aliglre, which is awesome. Then we accidentally discovered the amazing elevated park and walking path that is the 2.9-mile-long Promenade de Plantee, which used to be an elevated railway. It was spectacular on a sunny day!

On the walkway.


Normandie: On Sunday, we took a loooooong bus ride out to the Normandie coast to see the WWII beaches and such with our college friend, Scott. Aside from the really early bus ride, it was pretty amazing. I need to watch Saving Private Ryan again now that I have see the beaches and the ruins. My grandpa Glaser was in northern France and Belgium during the war. I cannot even begin to put myself in his shoes to imagine what he saw over there.

The Eiffel Tower at sunrise, yes the bus ride was that effing early.
Ruins of the old Nazi bunkers.

Crazy stuff everywhere.

More ruins.
One of the many bomb craters.

Thanks Scott for organizing such an unforgettable trip!

What else: Well I am taking French and working (and eating a lot). Dave ditched me and went to Poland this week, whateva. Luckily (so as not to go crazy on my own in a country where I barely speak the language), I made a friend in French class and we went to dinner and drinks tonight. She was born in MENLO PARK. How funny is that! She is a chef and sommelier and we are going to a market tomorrow morning because - surprise - it is a French holiday so no language class.

Anywho, I will take more photos and let you know how it is going over here. xo

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