Friday, January 9, 2015

Things I Learned About a Sabbatical

There Are Lots of Questions

We are getting loads of reactions to our little sabbatical plan.

From some peeps we get high-fives all around, which is reassuring and fun.

From others, we get the whole, "Really, you quit your jobs? Why the eff would you do that?"

One dude asked, "What is a sabbatical?" Seriously.

Others assume we are university professors or something, taking that sabbatical to write our novel or whatever. This tells me that we should possibly have another name for our adventure, but mid-career break sounds douchey. To be continued......we will think of something cool.

It Isn't All Fun
So we found renters for the house. This is a blessing and a curse. It is awesome because rents in Palo Alto are healthy and the cash will help fund our trip. It sucks because we have to clean and pack. We had to move all our personal crap out of the house to make room for the tenants. So guess what we have been doing for the past three days. Yay - cleaning and moving and packing.

I consider myself a minimalist to a fault, but where the eff did I get all this crap? I have more clothes and junk than you can imagine, like 3 bags of lotions, shampoos, and girl-shit (and I barely wear mascara). How did this happen?

This is as bad as packing for London. At least this trip is a few months and not a few years like London......

What's Next
We are off to Jackson Hole, Wyoming tomorrow. I have only been there in the summer. I cannot wait to see the snow on those mountains, because it is actually snowing there (unlike very much snow-free Tahoe). We are staying at the Cowboy Village Resort, which looks totally kick-ass.

I will report on the state of the snow as soon as we have our first day in the powder! Travel on friends.

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