Friday, May 29, 2015

Sam - The Dog that Broke the Mold, Ate It, Barfed It Up, and Ate It Again

The blog I never wanted to write. Though, I knew it was coming. I am home alone right now and feeling sad, maybe writing this will help.

We put Sammy down two days ago at the old age of 14. 

His arthritis got the best of him. Sometimes he'd eat, sometimes not - which isn't typical of Sam. That dog lived to eat. Then he fell down the stairs last week. I am not one to watch anyone or anything suffer, so we made the tough decision to put him down. 

If you have never had to euthanize a pet, let me tell you it REALLY sucks. I am still traumatized. Dave came with me to the vet (thank god) and was a mess too. 

We were hoping he'd just die in his sleep the night before so we wouldn't have to go through with it. Instead, he barfed on the couch and wouldn't eat breakfast (perhaps that was a sign).

He hated shows of affection.

Anyway, there isn't much more to say here. The house is a bit lonelier without his clacking down the stairs when I make coffee in the morning. I have to pick up food off the floor when I drop it. The cadence of the day is slightly off without his notifying me when it is time for a meal (that dog knew when it was 5:30 p.m., you could set your watch to his begging for dinner).

Favorite spot - under the dining room table

Our brave travel companion!

Ears flapping in the wind

Patiently waiting for a treat at the office

Guess who isn't allowed on the couch........

He did nothing but love us and clean up the kitchen floor. His enthusiasm for a walk, soft velvety ears, and Beagle-howl will be missed.

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FinnyKnits said...

We've been thinking about you three since leaving on Sunday and couldn't bear to ask after Sambo. But he had an amazing life, incredible owners and so so so many rewarding trash hunts and vomit finds. Really glad we had a last good walk together so that he and Jada could play hard to get one last time. Hugs, you guys XOXO