Monday, June 1, 2015

Radical Sabbatial Phase II - National Parks of the West

Here we go! The Flying Monkeys are soon-to-be on the move again for Phase II of the Radical Sabbatical - National Parks of the West.

Why the national parks, you ask......

Well, when we were in London for those 2 years, I met so many people who had spend a few weeks visiting American national parks at some point in their lives. Now, these were freaking BRITISH people who had seen more of the United States than I had. I was inspired and humbled (and a little embarrassed, quite frankly).

So I got a guidebook and made umpteen-million camping reservations, hotel bookings, and backcountry permit requests. And don't think that was some simple task, because it wasn't. Every park has a different reservation and permit process and each deadline occurs on a separate date. You cannot miss a start date to make a reservation or a deadline because shit fills up FAST at the popular national parks. I had to be really organized to make sure I didn't miss anything and eff up the entire travel schedule.

Behold - the travel center!

Right now we are packing all our camping gear and food into the Subaru to head out for the next 2 months. We are headed to national and state parks in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and parts of Canada. Let's hope all that hard work on our permits and reservations pays off.

Packing the camping gear

I'll post lots of photos of the cool stuff we see when I find internet connections. Stay tuned!

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