Friday, June 26, 2015

Canyonlands Yurting and Arches

Canyonlands - Yurt Sweet Yurt

After camping, who doesn't love a yurt with a GRILL, ELECTRICITY, and a proper BED! We were so happy in that little yurt, which was technically located within Dead Horse State Park, immediately adjacent to Canyonlands. Note that there are only three yurts in the park, so book early if you ever plan to go.

And there are no showers in any of these Utah parks (except for ONE we found at Bryce Canyon). We paid $20 for 2 showers at a random KOA outside the park after 4 days of dirt and sweat and it was the best $20 I ever spend.

I will give Canyonlands a "meh" score though. You pretty much drive from scenic viewpoint to scenic viewpoint, with few opportunities for actual hiking of any distance. While lovely, it was a bit boring.

If I had it to do over, I would have scheduled a Colorado River raft or something.

One of many many overlooks

Yes, that is a road we took.

We almost died.


And then we went to Arches National Park. It is shockingly beautiful, and freaking HOT. Again there is a lot of driving to see the cool stuff, and it gets crowded. Luckily you can escape the crowds by following the 1 mile 90% rule, meaning that about 90% of people in the world won't hike more than 1 mile.

There are a lot more trails at Arches than there are at Canyonlands. I highly highly recommend the Devil's Garden hike. Take the longer "primitive trail", you will not be disappointed - unless you drop your camera ad break it, which is what Dave did.

Right about here is where the camera was dropped........and not by me (this time).

Arches at Arches, they do not disappoint!

Climbing up

The elusive double arch.

Look, we don't hate each other yet.

New favorite camp dinner, we called it camping cassoulet (with spinach and minus the duck, oh and we used smoked polish sausage). Who is jealous?

Actually that looks pretty gross right now.........

Next stop - Rocky Mountain National Park!

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