Thursday, November 10, 2011

German = My Language Nemesis

 Dudes - German is hard. Really hard. I have never been so confounded and frustrated by a language. I am taking a class twice a week for the next few weeks. After the 2 hour class, my brain HURTS and I think I start drooling. I am taking a class through Cactus Language School. I have taken language classes at small schools in the U.S. like this one, loads of them actually, and most were pretty mediocre. This one has been really good so far, really good structure and an organized teacher - did I sound German just there?

I am talking the class because we are headed to Austria over Christmas to do some skiing at St. Anton am Arlberg. I HATE that I cannot even say hello, where is the bathroom, do you have anything on the menu involving a vegetable that is not a potato......important stuff like that. I can order a beer at least so that got us through our last trip, actually I think Dave taught me how to ask for a beer. Anyone surprised by that - nope. 

You would think German would be in my collective unconscious somewhere. I am a Glaser after all, the pronunciation of my last name has been murdered by countless people (Ashton is so amazing, everyone can say and spell it). I should be able to speak a little bit - right. Well I can't. French - yes, Spanish - cool, I am studying Portuguese on my own right now on my Ipod (Pimsleur Language System) and that is no problem.I will be able to discuss the financial crisis when I am there in a few weeks (that is a small lie).

Anyway, I will keep at it. I have about 40 pages of homework to do on the plane to Madrid today. Maybe something will click in my brain.......

Here are some pics from my book that I thought were entertaining:

 Eek - nice shadow and glare......sorry folks. But come on, Restaurant Glaserhof on Glaser Street!

These are directions (or something) to Glaser Street. I'll be able to tell you what that says in a few weeks, gulp - hopefully.


Rich said...

I'm pretty sure that second one involves an ant-eater.

Helmut said...

Quatsch! Deutsch ist doch ganz einfach!! And sorry, there is no vegetable dish that does not involve potatos.... ;-)