Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 1 - The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Well, after a very long train ride from London, I made it to Biarritz last night. Luckily, I made my train connection in Paris with time to spare, there were cabs at the train station when I arrived in Biarritz (it was Easter and the French take their holidays VERY seriously, so I was worried), the hotel door code I received via email worked, and the key was waiting at the front desk for me. Woosh!

 Really, I worry about all this shit to a probably unnatural degree.......and it all worked out. However, traveling isn't always perfect. It has its ups and downs, and goods and bads.

The Good
  • I stopped off in Paris and the most amazing lunch at some brasserie across from the Montparnasse train station. Really, only the French can put smoked duck and foie gras on a salad (which is what I ate) and still stay thin. I love this country.
  • I had some time after lunch before my next train, so I went over to Luxembourg Gardens - lovely. This was Easter Day, so everyone else was in the gardens too. Here are a few photos.

Buy yer mom some flowers eh, it's Easter.

Made me miss Dave, except there is a small child at the front of the statue.

If I was a bee, I would live in Luxembourg's apiary. Posh! Little roofs and everything.

You want pony ride, yes I did.!

Mother effer, remember the damage you did on this on your childhood swing-set.
I love me a train station. Does this hat look like the Harry Potter sorting hat?

  •  Oh good god - the food and wine, definitely good. I wandered into a tiny place for lunch today in Biarritz. It was PACKED, always a good sign. Then there were the adorable waiters - also a good sign. I had a mountain of tapas/pinxtos, 2 glass of local red (I told the hot bartender to pour me what he liked), an orangey liqueur for dessert, and an espresso. This extravagance cost me all of 13 Euro. God bless Biarritz.
  • Also good, the view at night from my hotel room:
I dream of charcuterie!

  • And la plage (the beach), that was pretty good - especially at night!

 The Bad
  • I took a bus east to Bayonne today, both to check out the historic town and maybe escape the driing rain. Well, I didn't know when exactly to get off the bus. Then, all the sudden we passed the town and were driving off to the middle-of-NOWHERE-suburbia. Finally, the bus stopped altogether (oh shit) and the driver looked at me funny (dumbass tourist). He went out and had a nice long smoke, and we retraced our route back - woosh. I made it to Bayonne, just 45 minutes late. I actually didn't mind the detour because it was pouring rain and windy and cold outside, and I hate all that. 
  • When I actually got to Bayonne, everything was closed because of the Easter Monday holiday. So I walked around a bit, lost feeling in my hands because of the cold, went to the cathedral and cloister, and took the bus back to Biarritz. Not really a stellar morning.

Not too bad, except for the rain and cold.

The Ugly
  • There was a drunk French guy that wouldn't leave me alone at dinner, annoying. But when you are traveling alone, the waitstaff is always super nice to you. They ended up kicking the weird dude out and I finished my dinner in peace. He wasn't THAT bad, or maybe I have just been harassed by worse. Hmmmm.

So surfing and more eating tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

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