Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Miami - You Are Hot

Hello from Miami! I am working outside at my hotel by the bathtub-sized pool - in the shade of the palm trees (no wifi at the beach or else I'd be working down there). This does not suck.

I am so happy to be missing the London deep freeze right now I could cry. I met my sister in Miami on Friday and we had an outstanding weekend, which included a lot of swimming, dancing (like the white girls we are), and drinking fishbowl-sized glasses of mojitos and bloody marys. My sis left yesterday, but I am staying through the week. Dave is meeting me today for a few days of R&R after his eyeball appointment in Utah yesterday.

Here is what I will say about Miami:

The men are sexy.

The women are sexy.

It's hot and sweaty.

There is music everywhere: Samba, drums, dance, Tango, Spanish guitar, good (and sometimes very bad) R&B, etc.

And lots of alcohol.

I really like it here.

But then, I am a SoCal girl at heart. I am happiest when my first decision of the day is whether to put on underwear or just wear my swimsuit again because I will be in the ocean shortly anyway. Generally, I just wear my swimsuit.

Well I'll post some photos later. I didn't bring a purse with me so I haven't really been taking my camera anywhere to get photos. Only my room key and a credit card will fit down the sweaty front of my shirt, no room for a camera. I am such a classy lady. 

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