Thursday, July 21, 2011

Around Town

This morning I did my usual coffee with Dave, then hiked around the city. There is just too much to see. Two years will never be enough, and I need to keep reminding myself of that fact. I saw this book (on the right) while I was walking and it made me happy! Despite a little tiny bit of loneliness while Dave was in Dublin on Monday to Wednesday (I need to make a few friends here to short-circuit my loner-ish tendencies), I am a lucky-lucky girl.

Today I did a little walk to the Aveda salon. It was an emergency given that the humid-cool-wet weather is doing a number on my hair. Do not even bring a straightener or a hair dryer because it WILL rain at some point during the day and all that effort will have been wasted. Along my walk, I did my usual checking-out old churches. Though they are heathen Protestants here (A fact I learned quickly when I asked whether anyone could attend mass at Westminster Abbey. A very intimidating guy in a robe yelled at me and said, "Mass???? We are not Catholics, it's called Services." Oh crap, I thought you Protestants were supposed to be mellow.), I still like their churches. Here is a cool sort-of-church, it is the Greyfriars Garden, which is located in a former Wren church yard.

I then wandered over to pretty much what my personal heaven must be like (assuming heaven isn't actually a ski-resort or a Four Seasons), Borough Market. The options for lunch are, of course, staggering. The duck sandwich smelled divine, and all the fresh shellfish, fish currys, and pork sandwiches were tempting, I almost went with the Thai dish in the picture that follows on the right. I ended up choosing the chorizo on sourdough with roasted red peppers and rocket (aka. arugula), because I am a sucker for a sausage - keep your comments to yourselves people.

Chorizo sando and Thai fish something-or-other, I'd be fat if I hadn't walked 9 miles around the freakin city getting lost this morning.

To do next week:
- Attend a Serpentine Running Club event of some sort, or at least join the club. I need to make some friends here for sure!

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trish said...

hey Amie, Happy birthday tomorrow, the26th! Hope your bday pizza is delish. I assume you and Dave will be in your new flat by next week, right? Send pics, ok? is it far from where you are now? Current digs seem like really choice location. Love you, mom