Monday, January 8, 2007

Bus Station Blues

We left John and Linda this morning after breakfast. We took the subway to the station where we THOUGHT we could catch a bus to the beach cities. Unfortunately my guidebook is 2 years old and the bus company had moved to another location. Luckily we ran into a really nice guy at the subway terminal who spoke english and he told us exactly where to go. We are waiting in the bus station right now. I think it is rainy at the coast right now but we had been warned of that. I don't care as long as it is warm and there is a beach!

Big thanks to John and Linda for being troopers and hanging out with us. Thanks again for taking our camping stuff home with you that helps a bunch. Amie loves her shirt and we will post pictures of her in it soon. Too bad we didn't find the cheap restaurant until our last night in Sao Paulo...... mmmm meats on a stick. BBQ chicken heart anyone?

Jeff, you'd love it down here. I've seen more Metallica and Iron Maiden shirts on kids down here than I can count. We've also heard them blasting it in clubs and diners. Metal is world wide. I'll try to find you a bunk shirt and a bootleg if I can.

On to the beach....

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Jeff said...

It shouldn't be too hard to pick up a Sepultura bootleg or shirt. Barzil is their home country! If you run into Andreas, Igor or Paulo tell them I said "SEPULTURAAAAAAA!!!!!!"

Thanks dude!!!