Monday, January 15, 2007

At the Copa Copacabana

We are in Copacabana right now although from what we have heard it is a dump compared to Ipanema where we are staying. Our hotel is nice, roof top pool, private dvd theater and a staff that speak english and makes us dinner reservations...this hotel makes the rest of the places we stayed look like we were sleeping in bus stations.

Rio is a whole different animal. It is like Miami Beach, Santa Barbara and LA all slammed together. Yesterday we just walked down the beach and unlike everywhere else in the country everyone is slim, beautiful and having fun (at least until we go out to the "favelas" which are the slums). We walked for a while and had a beer on the beach watching these guys play volleyball except they don't use their hands at all. Only thier chest, head and feet, it is crazy, they play two on two and they make us fools using our hands look like loosers.

Today we headed out to Corcovado or that giant Jesus on the hill. We got up there and couldn't see a damn thing cause it was raining and cloudy. But Jesus was on hand and lifted the clouds and below we saw the whole city spread out in every direction. Rio does rock.

We are heading to a nice dinner tonight so we are off to find Amie a dress (she does't have a thing to wear!) She is also diligently working on her alcoholism while down here but I don't think she will ever be able to hang.

Tomorrow we are hopefully going to sugarloaf if the weather is nice. Until then we'll be at the beach at least a litte bit every day.

Jesse and Katy you would love it here.



Steve said...

You guys should have included me in the planning stages of your trip to Brazil. I work with a guy from Rio and he could have told you all the cool places to go and where all the secret out-of-the-way spots are. Oh well, you never listen to me anyway...

ed said...

Is it true that music and passion are always the fashion at the Copacabana?

Like you haven't heard that one before.

You kids are having way too much fun. Isn't carnival coming up soon? That would be a blast. When you get home, you'll have to come over and show off your new samba moves!