Friday, January 12, 2007


Well there is nothing better than the beach, that is all I have to say.

We left Ilhabella yesterday with no reservations and no bus tickets (soooooo not the way I like to travel). Thank god I speak some french beacuse we were able to get some directions/bus info from some french guys we ran into at the bus stop. We made it to Paraty with only a minor 3 hour delay in some random town. We got a cheap but adequate room at the tourist office, dear god no AC......and last night some rooster was crowing all night long. I am hoping to have him for dinner tonight.

Today we did a schooner trip to some amazing beaches (though I have been so spoiled bny Hawaii that if there is even a tiny scrap of plastic on the beach I immediately think it is polluted). I worked on my Brazilian butt tan, now my red butt matches my 200 red mosquito bites.

Tomorrow we are doing a jeep tour to a national park for some more hiking and beaching. Then on to RIO!!!!!!

Dave here:

So we spent last night in the square drinking and having dinner watching these dudes do "capioera" which was actually pretty cool. Doing flips and what not on concrete in your bare feet isn't exactly easy. Amie keeps drinking these jet fuel cocktails so I don't think she minds anything after a few. We actually have hotel reservations in our next stop (thanks Aunt Janice for trying to hook us up) but of course we don't have bus tickets yet but do know the line runs from here.

So far the talent has gone up slightly but still not to what I was hoping for. Since I don't speak any Potugese I'm going to have to get Amie to book me a hooker, well when in Rome....

Amie is hungry so we are out. Hope to find something really interesting for dinner.


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