Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Is it bad to have an entire post dedicated to butter? I think not. So the cheese store around the corner also sells the cutest, tastiest little individual butter balls. (I mentioned the unpasteurized buffalo mozzarella right, so you are familiar with my obsession.) Well the butter is unreal, salty, fatty goodness. It is safely kept in the Buddha butter dish, as though a holy relic of some sort. We bought three little balls of it to go head to head with the soft goat and hard cows milk cheese we also got.

As Buddha looked on happily, Dave put the butter and some cheese together on a single piece of baguette at dinner tonight. It was a thing of beauty. Luckily, to avoid potential heart attacks in our sleep, we had tomato soup along with it. It's all about balance with the butter.


Flying Monkey said...

I assure you my hand still has all of its fingers.

Ingrid said...

Aint nuttin betta dan buddah butta! xox

Andy V said...

Dude. Buddha is coming home with you, right?